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I can't say enough good things about Dr. Shoop and his staff. Don't let the Converse All-Stars fool you. The Doc is much more about dentistry than basketball! These folks are here to take excellent care of you and your family. They have been there for us on multiple short-notice occasions and are a pleasure (as much as dentistry can be) to visit. Leave that dentistry-mill that is trying to up-sell you and come watch some HGTV while getting great care.

Creighton R. ★★★★★

Best dental assistant, best dental office, best dentist! Having had some bad experiences with dentists - both painful and expensive ones - I've found this is my happy place to get my teeth cleaned and any work done. They LISTEN well, they thank you for coming in, they make you comfortable and talk you through things if that is what you need. Great individualized patient care. - I always ask for the same dental assistant and they always accommodate me, as she's the best!!!

Wendy Y. ★★★★★

Great customer experience. Comfortable chairs with massage built in.

Owen H. ★★★★★

Dr. Shoop and his staff are awesome! Genuinely concerned for their patients, prompt and meticulous!

Minette S. ★★★★★

Very satisfied and pleased dealing with Shoop family dentistry. They are all very professional and I have had nothing but positive experiences going there. From fillings to cleanings. They have a done an outstanding job and I'm blessed to have them as my dental care provider.

Rex T. ★★★★★

Dr. Shoop is the best dentist I have ever gone to. He is gentle, caring and funny! I have always appreciated how much he made sure that I had painless work done when I had to have a couple of teeth pulled! Thank you so much Dr. Shoop for doing what you do!

Brett N. ★★★★★

There are many remarkable qualities about Dr. Shoop, but the two that mean the most to me are his gentleness and his ability to put me at ease. I began as a rather nervous dental patient of Dr. Shoop more than five years ago, and over the many appointments he continues to not only care for my teeth in a very sound and professional manner, but he also is very gentle and concerned about my comfort, both physically and emotionally. I am very grateful to have found Dr. Shoop!

Kendra P. ★★★★★

Dr. Shoop just took care of my two boys and did an incredible job! He is so good with kids and adults. He also worked on my teeth on Monday and I was super impressed with his skills and of course the new office. And his office staff are the best too!

Kyle J. ★★★★★

Dr Shoop is a wonderful dentist! He makes you feel comfortable, is extremely gentle and kind, and always does an excellent job with every dental need! I highly recommend the services of Dr. Shoop and his excellent staff!

Marlene J. ★★★★★

The people are all so friendly. Having Dr. Shoop personally sit down and take a look at my teeth lets me know he cares about everyone who walks through his door. Would never go anywhere else.

Micah P. ★★★★★

Dr. Shoop and his team are very kind, polite and very professional. They are always willing to acomodate everyone according to their needs.

Wendy L. ★★★★★

Friendly, no pressure to get unneeded proceedures, and painless.

Sam W. ★★★★★

I drive from Claremore to Broken Arrow just because I love the Shoop Dentist office so much! The care is top notch! All the people are super friendly and helpful. I feel completely taken care of and comfortable everytime I visit. This is the best dentist I have ever been to!

Kathryn C. ★★★★★

Excellent and very caring staff. Dr. Shoop is very thorough and very easy to talk to, explaining and showing work needed, if any. Very clean and comfortable office with very happy employees!!!!

Cheryl W. ★★★★★

Shoop Dentistry is professional, friendly, and up-to-date. Best dental experience I've ever had.

Paul W. ★★★★★

Very nice and friendly and the chairs massage!

Amanda C. ★★★★★

Staff was great!! So helpful and kind. I felt very informed from start to finish of my visit, I loved all the reminders of my appt., and the office is very clean and inviting!

Cassie J. ★★★★★

My hygeinist Lisa is the best ever!!!! And Dr. Shoop is great. He told me once, "No dentistry is the best dentistry!" and knowing he won't do work I don't need is TERRIFIC!!!

Kendra P. ★★★★★

It is a friendly office. Everyone has a smile on there faces all the time. You can tell they love coming to work every day.

Brenda P. ★★★★★

Felt very much an individual, not just "the next person in line."

Beverly T. ★★★★★

Lisa is the best hygienist I've ever had; very thourough and talked me through what she was doing. The facility is awesome! The equiptment, the massage chairs...everything is super nice.

Shelley G. ★★★★★

The staff is friendly and warm. The dental hygienist, I believe her name is Chassy, was one of the best hygienists I've ever had. She was thorough and did a wonderful job cleaning my teeth. I was also very impressed with Dr. Shoop. There's just something much more respectable, in my opinion, of a Dr. that introduces himself as "Joe Shoop" as opposed to "Dr." Not downplaying the importance of the prefix, but I thought it was pretty cool. This is the first dental clinic I've been to that made me want to come back. Dr. Shoop and his staff will most definitely be our family dentist as long as we live in Broken Arrow.

Virgina W. ★★★★★

My appointment at Dr. Shoop's office was by far the most enjoyable and the least stressful of any I have had for years. The entire staff (including Dr. Shoop) was so kind to me, listened to me, and I immediately felt like I was in the right place. I actually feel like God lead me to them, and I'm so grateful

Susan R. ★★★★★

Took my 5 year old son in for his first ever dentist appointment. Unfortunately, this was an appointment for a filling. I was so worried he would freak out but Dr. Shoop was AMAZING with him! He took the time to make him comfortable in the room, explain what he does, and answer all of my son's questions. My son did so well and was telling me after we left that he had so much FUN at the dentist. Thank you Dr. Shoop for helping make this potentially horrible experience totally amazing!

Hannah W. ★★★★★